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It’s important for us to provide a safe space for women to be educated on their intimate area skincare regimen.

There is no such thing as an embarrassing question or any reason to be scared about getting a Brazilian wax. We are here to make hair removal fun and easy!

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I graduated undergrad during the pandemic and like most people I was anxious about my future. I always had a passion for skincare ( I used to watch all the OG YouTube girls) and decided to turn a passion into a career.

I took a waxing class and fell in love. I then decided to further my education by enrolling in esthetician school. It was at that time my love for skincare grew into a full blown obsession. I spent hours doing research on skincare ingredients to help with hyperpigmentation as that was my biggest insecurity at that time.

In esthetician school my love for hair removal inspired me to become a solo esthetician and open my own small studio. My passion is hair removal but my purpose is making women feel beautiful and confident in their skin.

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